The double lines appeared almost instantly as I peed on the stick. I stared in disbelief. I cannot be pregnant, I told myself. I am 47 years old!

Almost seven years prior, shortly after the birth of my second child, I had a procedure to implant metal coils in my fallopian tubes. The idea was that the skin would scar and scab over the coils, blocking the tubes and preventing future pregnancies. When I returned two months later for the dye test, it was discovered that one tube was closed but the other had a miniscule opening. The coil had…

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The Trump Administration recently announced a ban on all federally-funded diversity training, citing it as “anti-American propaganda” that creates “division and resentment.” Unfortunately, no data was provided to support this claim, other than the president’s personal opinion.

I am having a difficult time understanding his viewpoint. In my experience as a former cultural diversity instructor, I had a handful of white students who shared the president’s opinion. Their sentiment was “if we don’t talk about race, then we won’t have any problems.” Of course, that would mean no problems for white people. Talking about race and ethnicity is uncomfortable for…

Over the past few weeks, the topic of race and racism has dominated news headlines and social media, as white America was forced to acknowledge the sad fact that racism is alive and well. As people watched (or heard about) the video of George Floyd gasping for breath while a white cop knelt on his neck for nine torturous minutes, there could be no denying the gruesome reality that hatred of people based on skin color still exists.

To the African-American community, however, this was old news. Abuses of power, habitual harassment and outright police brutality have become, for many…

I don’t like Facebook. In fact, I hate it. It makes my blood pressure rise, and often leaves me feeling depressed, angry or hopeless after spending any significant time on it. Yet, I keep going on it. Why?

I believe I’m mildly addicted to it for a couple of reasons. For one, I don’t get much time away from the house and work, so it really is the only way for me to connect socially to other adults outside of my husband and coworkers. I really do enjoy keeping in touch with friends or former classmates, seeing family pictures, sharing…

Wendy Fournier Soto

Outraged intellectual and recovering sugar addict. Hopelessly in love with my husband, kids, and dog.

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